Eden Waning

When I think about the paradise called Eden, I am torn between two visions (just two, but not that there are no more possibilities).  The first vision, much like the Persian paradeizia or walled garden, is a place of cooling shade and breezes in a desert or semi-desert.  Such a place is indeed a delight in the predawn or early dawn and later in the evening, and at the least a welcome break during the heat of the day.  The second vision suggests a humid, subtropical or tropical, verdant jungle where the heat of the day still is quite comfortable and the evening and morning will balance rising humidity with coolness.

This is not what I find in East Texas right now, here, in the seam between summer’s hottest period and the decisive cooling trend that is still to come, and especially when the days are humid and still or misty and rainy like today.  It is as if the seasons have almost agreed on a boundary between themselves, and they cannot decide when and where to mark it.  So it is a transition, yes, that is what we say.   The astronomical summer season ends  in just nine days by the calendar, but we do not dare to hope that its heat will leave us quickly, though we will still feel it during many days in October and perhaps even November.  Autumn will enter gloriously and at a time  not of our choosing.  This year, with our late summer rains, the browning and dying are to be a bit late, following surely the later greening that surprised us, that conflicted with our expectations of August and September.