Coyote Monday

I walked this morning from dark to before dawn.  The deer I expected to see on meadow’s edge by the creek were not there.  Instead, half an hour before sunrise, a pair of coyotes at eighty yards.  I stood stock-still while they came closer.  They cautiously regarded and knew the standing form of a man and only hastened away when I walked again.

Inside the city limits?  Yes, along with the deer, bobcat, skunk, opossum, raccoon, beaver, and other denizens of the woods, creeks and thickets that cover hundreds of acres next to us west and south.  Birds aplenty, too, including several hawk varieties and a clan of turkey vultures numbering in the dozens.  We are, after all, for now, simply renting space in their world.  It is a wonder how well they handle it all.

To update:  those coyotes may have been red wolves or a coy-wolf hybrid, so I have heard.